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Heart Sounds & Murmurs
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Heart Sounds & Murmurs

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In this lecture, Professor Zach Murphy will discuss Heart Sounds and Murmurs. We will lecture on the following objectives:

1. Introduction to Heart Sounds

- Gain a foundational understanding of the normal cardiac cycle and its corresponding heart sounds (S1, S2).

- Learn the importance of heart sounds in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases.

2. Pathophysiology of Heart Murmurs

- Acquire knowledge of the underlying mechanisms that result in heart murmurs.

- Distinguish between systolic and diastolic murmurs and the clinical significance of each.

3. Mitral Valve Murmurs

- Deep dive into mitral valve murmurs’ types, causes, and manifestations, including mitral stenosis and mitral regurgitation.

- Understand how to differentiate these murmurs from others based on timing, quality, and anatomical landmarks.

4. Aortic Valve Murmurs

- Explore the key features of aortic valve murmurs, including aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitation.

- Learn the clinical indications that might suggest the presence of an aortic valve condition.

5. Diagnostic Criteria and Tools

- Familiarize yourself with diagnostic approaches based on the latest clinical guidelines, from auscultation to echocardiography.

- Learn the grading system for murmurs and the role of additional diagnostic modalities like Doppler studies.

6. Management Strategies for Mitral and Aortic Valve Murmurs

- Discuss evidence-based treatment options, from pharmacological interventions to valve replacement surgery.

- Review the indications for surgical referral and expected outcomes.

7. Potential Complications and Prognosis

- Learn about the potential adverse outcomes associated with untreated or mismanaged mitral and aortic valve conditions.

- Discuss prognostic indicators and the importance of timely intervention.

The retired version of Heart Sounds:

The retired version of Heart Murmurs:

Table of Contents:

0:00 Lab

0:07 Heart Sounds & Murmurs Introduction

1:01 S1 & S2 Heart Sounds

3:35 S3 & S4 Heart Sounds

9:21 Physiologic Split of S2

11:47 Wide Split of S2

14:37 Fixed Split of S2

17:19 Paradoxical Split of S2

21:37 Auscultation Locations

22:14 Systolic Murmurs

30:28 Diastolic Murmurs

33:34 Continuous Murmurs

36:26 Murmur Maneuvers

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