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Neurulation, Vesiculation, Neural Crest Cell Migration

Ninja Nerds!

Join us for more Embryology on Neurulation, Vesiculation, and Neural Crest Cell Migration! In this lecture Professor Zach Murphy will be teaching you about the Embryo through week 3 and have an informative lesson on Neurulation, Vesiculation, and Neural Crest Cell Migration. We begin this lecture by breaking down the steps that occur during the process of Neurulation. This simplistic explanation results in understanding the whole picture which consists of ectodermal proliferation, the formation of the neural plate, neural folds, neural groove, neural crest cells, and the neural tube. Upon the formation of the neural tube, Ninja Nerd Science will provide illustrations and notes that explain the process of Vesiculation. Finally, the lecture is concluded with Neural Crest Cell Migration and the development of the Spinal Cord!

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