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In this lecture, Professor Zach Murphy will present on Hypothyroidism. We will discuss the pathophysiology, including the decreased production of thyroid hormones and its effects on the body's metabolic rate. The lecture will include a discussion on the clinical manifestations, such as fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance, and constipation. The digital presentation will begin with the diagnostic approach, highlighting the importance of TSH and free T4 measurements. Finally, we will review management strategies for Hypothyroidism, emphasizing the use of levothyroxine to normalize thyroid hormone levels and improve symptoms. Enjoy the lecture and support us below!

Table of Contents:

0:00 Lab

0:07 Hypothyroidism Introduction

0:56 Primary Hypothyroidism

6:19 Autoimmune-Related Thyroid Destruction

14:39 Infectious-Related Thyroid Destruction

16:57 Iatrogenic-Related Thyroid Destruction

17:37 Wolff-Chaikoff Effect

26:53 Classic Findings- Goiter

29:53 Classic Findings- Metabolic Dysfunction

33:34 Classic Findings- Neurological Dysfunction

35:03 Classic Findings- Cardiovascular Dysfunction

38:26 Classic Findings- Reproductive Dysfunction

40:17 Classic Findings- Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

41:31 Classic Findings- Integumentary Dysfunction

45:00 Myxedema Coma

51:33 Diagnostic Approach to Hypothyroidism

55:45 Treatment of Hypothyroidism

57:48 Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE!

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