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Cushing’s Syndrome & Disease

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In this lecture, Professor Zach Murphy will present on Cushing's Syndrome and Cushing's Disease. We will discuss the pathophysiology, differentiating between Cushing's Syndrome, which refers to the clinical manifestations of glucocorticoid excess from any cause, and Cushing's Disease, a specific form caused by a pituitary adenoma leading to excessive ACTH production. The lecture will include a discussion on the clinical manifestations, such as obesity centered on the face, neck, and trunk, skin changes, and hypertension. The digital presentation will begin with the diagnostic approach, highlighting the importance of cortisol measurements, dexamethasone suppression tests, and imaging studies to locate tumors. Finally, we will review management strategies for both conditions, emphasizing surgical removal of the causative tumor, radiation therapy for pituitary adenomas, and medications to control cortisol levels. Enjoy the lecture and support us below!

Table of Contents:

0:00 Lab

0:07 Cushing’s Syndrome & Disease Introduction

0:54 Cushing’s Syndrome

3:47 Hyperfunctioning Adrenal Gland

4:41 Exogenous Steroid Use

6:51 Cushing’s Disease and Ectopic ACTH Production

9:00 Hyperpituitarism

10:44 Paraneoplastic Syndrome

11:38 Classic Findings of Cushing’s Syndrome and Disease

18:12 Complications of Cushing’s Syndrome and Disease

28:38 Diagnostic Approach to Cushing’s Syndrome and Disease

32:29 Treatment of Cushing’s Syndrome and Disease

34:54 Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE!

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