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Ninja Nerds!

In this lecture, Professor Zach Murphy will present on Hyperaldosteronism. We will discuss the pathophysiology, focusing on the overproduction of aldosterone by the adrenal glands, which can lead to conditions such as primary aldosteronism (Conn's syndrome) and its effects on sodium and potassium balance in the body. The lecture will include a discussion on the clinical manifestations, such as hypertension, muscle weakness, and abnormal heart rhythms. The digital presentation will begin with the diagnostic approach, highlighting the importance of aldosterone to renin ratio, serum electrolyte measurements, and imaging studies to identify adrenal adenomas or hyperplasia. Finally, we will review management strategies for Hyperaldosteronism, emphasizing surgical intervention for adrenal adenomas, and medical therapy with aldosterone antagonists for those not amenable to surgery. Enjoy the lecture and support us below!

Table of Contents:

0:00 Lab

0:07 Hyperaldosteronism Introduction

0:40 Primary Hyperaldosteronism

2:55 Hyperfunctioning of the Adrenal Gland

5:17 Secondary Hyperaldosteronism

14:01 Complications of Hyperaldosteronism

21:55 Diagnostic Approach to Hyperaldosteronism

25:16 Treatment of Hyperaldosteronism

26:46 Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE!

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