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Ninja Nerds!

During the upcoming lecture, Professor Zach Murphy will delve into Hypertension (HTN), a medical condition classified as either Primary (Essential) or Secondary HTN. The lecture will extensively cover the various causes and pathophysiological mechanisms underlying HTN, as well as the potential complications that may arise. Additionally, the lecture will tackle the diagnostic process, highlighting critical physical examination findings that can aid in identifying HTN. Finally, the lecture will explore the various treatment options available for individuals with HTN.

Table of Contents:

0:00 Lab

0:07 Hypertension (HTN) Introduction

0:37 Pathophysiology | Primary (Essential) HTN

5:49 Pathophysiology | Secondary HTN

17:59 Stages of HTN (ACC/AHA Guidelines)

19:43 Complications | Cardiovascular Disease

25:36 Complications | Neurologic Disease

27:42 Complications | Renal Disease

30:01 Complications | Retinal Disease

31:54 Diagnostic Approach

33:48 Treatment Guideline of Chronic Hypertension

35:52 Antihypertensive based on Comorbidity

38:57 Treatment of Hypertensive Crisis

41:35 Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE!

Download Case Study (PDF)
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Coming Soon!

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